8th Grade Summer


Dear 8th Grade Students:

Welcome to the final year of grammar school! In order to get off to a successful year, we are attaching the supplies that will be needed according to individual teacher requests as well as your summer reading assignments which are due the first week of school in September. Please be sure to read all attachments below.

Algebra I - All incoming 8th grade students are required to complete the 20  HIGHLIGHTED skills on the website IXL.com under 7th grade skills or Algebra I skills as indicated. Please download and print the attached directions. Feel free to contact Mrs. Scirocco if you have any questions. Have a wonderful summer!!

**Special note regarding IXL: Students MUST complete 30 minutes for each skill listed, even if you reach a 100 SmartScore or have done this skill in 7th grade- KEEP GOING for at least 30 minutes!!! Practice makes perfect!! The IXL report will be from 6/20 through 9/7. Your summer work must be completed during those dates. You can track your work using the Usage Report in "Analytics" in IXL. Make sure you put in your start date of 6/20  .**


8th Grade Summer List.pdf
One-Pagers-For Summer Reading.pdf