Mrs. DiPaola

                                Grade 5 Content, Policies and Procedures

Religion- Our focus will be on learning the meaning of worshiping God in community through prayer and service.  We will also focus on the New Testament gospels and Family Life.  We will continue to recite the rosary, and learn the devotional prayers to Mary and the Saints.

Reading-   We will be reading chapter books in class and the Reading street text will be used as a supplemental resource.  Critical Thinking, Inferential thinking and reading and writing connections will be reinforced in grade 5. Students will have a Reading Writers Journal. We will be reading various genres throughout the year.  Students will be assessed on vocabulary and comprehension after particular units of study are completed.  Students will be participating in Reading workshop and guided Reading lessons. “DEAR “Time will be a part of our routine again this year

Spelling- Spelling lists and homework choices for activities will be implemented; Spelling tests will be given every two weeks

Writing Workshop- Writing for grade 5; Writing all forms; personal narratives; descriptive writing, report writing. Non-fiction, Fantasy, and developing a plot.  We will focus on editing and proofreading skills to improve our writing skills

Science- We will be focusing on Interactions in Ecosystems, Changes in Ecosystems, Matter and its Properties, Changing Forms of Energy, and Electricity We will also be doing fun lab and Stem experiments throughout the year

Language Arts- Parts of Speech, Grammar, Sentence structure and diagramming

Social Studies- Regions of the United States, Map Skills , Geography and The Three Branches of Government

Math- Fractions, Decimals, Place- Value, Geometry and Word Problems

 Grading Policy
Tests, Quizzes, Projects and Simulations.....60%
Homework/Class Participation.....20%
Informal Assessments.....20%