5th Grade

                          Wednesday, 3-20-19

L.A.- Voyages text p. 405-406 exercises2-3 ; write out all sentences due Thursday, 3-21

 Spelling- Packet due Friday, 3-22

 Social Studies- Test on Midwest States and Capitals only; Tuesday, 3-26
Also, Current events due Tues. 3-26

Reading- Finish questions 6-10 for "Flora"
                     Due Wed. 3-27 

1. Book Project due April 10, 2019; read daily for thirty minutes
2. IXL- Practice FractionsK.1 to K-11;
                L-1 to L-11




Math- IXL Fractions; work for thirty minutes on skills K,1 to K.6
L.1 to L.11; Extra practice to reinforce skills

S.S.- Current events due 3-26-19; Tuesday
          MLA format
Book Reports due April 10,2019

Read your chapter book for thirty minutes





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