1st Grade

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First Grade is a time of spiritual, social and intellectual growth.

Jesus as our Lord, Savior and Friend, the Holy Trinity, the Bible and other tenets of our Catholic Faith are taught. Children participate in liturgies and prayer services.

There is an emphasis on life-skills; specifically respect for others and self and responsibility for words and actions.

Our curriculum complies with Archdiocesan and New Jersey State Education standards.  

In CommunicationArts, writing, reading, comprehension, accuracy and fluency are stressed.

Math incorporates real-life problem solving with basic facts and skills.  

Science and Social Studies draw upon other subjects and include current events and seasonal/holiday times.


 Miss Sessa 1B

Please be sure to check the S.J.A. website and Wednesday weekly envelope for notices.



Technology 1B (Mon.)
Music 1B (Mon.)


Art 1B (Tues.)                             

Gym 1B (Thur.) 
Spanish 1B (Thur.)
Library 1B (Fri.) 




We can always use your help in keeping us supplied with Purell, Baby Wipes, Paper Towels and Tissues.   Thank you!

St. John’s Academy is a caring Catholic community.  In this spirit we are supporting the effort to keep all our children healthy by asking that no loose nuts or seeds in bags or as toppings are brought into our classrooms or building.

Though parents of children with food allergies are required to supply their own snacks and treats for their children, loose nuts and seeds are difficult to clean and sweep thereby causing a safety hazard which cannot be easily controlled.   If there is a question if something is permissible please ask the homeroom teacher.