8th Grade Homework

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Language Arts

Literature/Reading  March Book-of-the-Month due 3/29 .     

Article of the Week due Tuesday, 3/26       

 Peak: Camp 5 due Monday, 3/25
            Read to page 125 Monday, 3/25
 Vocabulary Roots #7  Test Tues. 3/26           
 Grammar Workbook page due Mon. 3/25
 Spelling Roots #7  Test Tues. 3/26       
 Writing Workshop WW #13:
"Demeter" due 3/22
Quickwrite #4 due 3/22 on theme paper
Grammar Challenge due Tues., 3/26

 Pre-Algebra - Mrs. Scirocco
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IXL DUE :  March 24  8th grade J.1,3,4,9 - 20 MIN. TOTAL   
ALL Ch. 4 Extra Credit has been posted.

1) Study for test tomorrow - Watch videos below if needed!
2)  Ch. 4 Test - Tuesday 3/19
1) p. 328(344) # 1-9
1) No Homework Tonight
1) Complete Percent proportions from class - worksheet # 33-52
3/15 - No Class - DBP Play
 4 Square Graphing Paper.pdf Ch. 4.7 Scientific Notation video  
  Ch. 4.5 Rules of Exponents video
Ch. 4.6 Zero and Negative Exponents 
 Ch. 4.4 Least Common Multiple Ch. 4.3 Simplifying Fractions   
 Ch. 4.2 Greatest Common Factor Ch. 4.1 Factors and Prime Factorization  

 Algebra - Mrs. Scirocco

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IXL DUE  - Due March 24  Alg. U.1,2,8,9  - 20 minutes TOTAL 
Chapter 4 Test - Tuesday 3/12

1) Study for test - Watch textbook videos for refreshers!
2)  Ch. 4 Test Tomorrow 

1) p. 325 # 1-33


1) P. 332 # 1-23



1)  Complete attached worksheet, in the document container below this box, using the online textbook graphing calculator.  See attached screenshots below. (look at them in order - 1,2,3) This is # 3 on your homework.  Remember, you must put your equations in slope/intercept form first!  Check odd answers

3/22 No Class - DBP Play


Science- Mrs. Graizzaro

Unit 4 lesson 1 - Chemical bonding vocab quiz 3/18

8a and 8b Complete Balancing Equations activity if not complete in class by 3/11

8a and 8b - Balancing equations: practice problems worksheet

8a and 8b - Balancing equations worksheet (Show all of your work!!!)

8a and 8b  - none


Pray like a Saint! 
Pray the Rosary....you will feel the power of prayer!

Manna Bite Discussion each Tuesday...how did the Gospel and Homily feed us like God fed the Israelites manna? Is our spiritual relationship being fedWeekly Gospel Readings

Saint of the Month: Pier Giorgio Frassati
Virtue of the Month: Friendship ~ sharing a mutual love that seeks the good of the other
3/21/19 - Unit 1 Test - Wednesday, 3/27; Complete Unit 1 Study Guide (Chapters 1-5) Due Tuesday 
8th Religion Unit 1 Study Guide.docx

Social Studies - Mr. Curtin

3/21   23.1 questions and define Key Terms and People from 23.2-all on loose leaf were collected today, 3/21.  I did NOT receive all of them.    Current Events is due Wednesday, March 27 for assigned students.  The topic for the 3rd Trimester is "Good News" which means you are to find an article of some good news event that has recently occurred in the world.  It MUST be in blue or black ink and in complete sentences.  
    Please have a D.E.A.R. book with you at all times.  I am going to check and points will be deducted if you do not have a book!
This day in history  March 21, 1918:
During World War I, the Second Battle of the Somme, the first major German offensive in more a year, begins on the western front. After five hours of bombardment from more than 9,000 pieces of German artillery, the poorly prepared British Fifth Army was forced into retreat in France’s Somme River region. For a week, the Germans pushed toward Paris, shelling the city from a distance of some 80 miles with their “Big Bertha” cannons. However, the poorly supplied German troops soon became exhausted, and the Allies halted their advance as French artillery knocked out the German guns besieging Paris. On April 2, U.S. General John J. Pershing sent American troops down into the trenches to help repulse the German offensive. It was the first major deployment of U.S. troops in World War I.