Welcome To 6th Grade
Language Arts - Mr. Curtin


Vocab/Spelling Words:

      1.  covert- concealed, hidden, or secret.  The covert  spy was arrested for espionage.

2.  pious- good; virtuous.  Pope John Paul II was a very pious man.

3.  pandemonium-a scene of wild disorder.  There was pandemonium in the lunch room. 

4.  incantation-magic words used to cast a spell. The wizard named Gandalf chanted an incantation.      

5.  fortitude- firm courage or strength of mind in the face of pain or danger; bravery.  The soldier received a medal for his fortitude in battle.

6.  savor- to take great delight in. savor the taste of tacos.

7.  swan song -a farewell appearance, action, or work. During Roberto Clemente's swan song, he got his 3,000th major league hit.

8. apartheid-racial segregation formerly practiced in South Africa.  Apartheid is no longer practiced in South Africa.

9.  espionage- the art or practice of spying. The covert spy was arrested for espionage.

10. entourage-a group of attendants or associates. Mr. Curtin likes to travel with a large entourage when he goes on tour with One Direction.