3rd Grade


Welcome to Third Grade!

In Religion we are will be reading Bible stories, praying the Rosary, and learning more about our Catholic faith. We put that faith into action as we endeavor to help those in need.
The Social Studies program will offer the students the opportunity to learn about government and how towns, states and the country runs. Students will learn about cultures throughout the world and how communities are alike and different.
Science is hands-on learning. Throughout the year students will experiment with magnets, simple machines, buoyancy, and the water cycle.
Mathematics runs the gamut from simple addition and subtraction to algebra and geometry. Special attention is given to the multiplication tables.
Language Arts will emphasize writing, listening, and speaking skills, in addition to good old fashioned grammar.
Our Reading series will expose the students to many literary genres including poetry and non-fiction written especially for children.
As you can see, third grade is an exciting challenge for our students, resulting in a very rewarding year.
Thank you for the opportunity to teach your children!

Suggestions: For At Home Practice of Math Facts
Encourage your children to study their multiplication facts nightly through "IXL Math". Passwords and sign- in names have been given to the students. Please remember to have your child practice their  facts nightly.